Author: Joanna Buffum

After living in Maine for four years while studying English and Anthropology at Bowdoin College, Joanna came back to her hometown to work at various positions at New Jersey Monthly for four years. She's now back in Maine, working on her first book.
Through this Franklin Lakes-based organization, yoga volunteers bring peaceful thoughts to at-risk populations.

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App aims to make missed medical appointments a thing of the past.

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Author Upton Sinclair’s experiment in communal living quickly came to a suspicious ending.

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Gearing Up for Tour de Farm

September 20, 2017

The annual Tour de Farm requires two wheels and a hearty appetite.

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How rural New Jersey feeds its big-city friends.

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Wanderland Pop-Up in Asbury Park provides luxury tents for people who love the outdoors, but also love being fabulous.

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Wondering how to eat healthy on the boardwalk? Here are some choices that will help you steer clear of junk food.

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At Sandy Hook’s Gunnison Beach, nudity comes naturally (even for a pair of novices).

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Want to make the most of your trip to the Jersey Shore? Check out these helpful ideas from our beach-loving staff.

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The Garden State is teeming with trails. We've picked 36 of our favorites in North, Central and South Jersey. Go on, take a hike.

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