Author: Julie Trien

Augustus Ferrari, 2, recently began representing New Jersey for the Nothing Down organization.

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In the wake of journalism jobs disappearing and unequal access to media, one effort to improve the landscape is at a standstill.

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We found 28 St. Patrick's Day parades happening in counties around New Jersey for 2019. Celebrate Irish culture with any of these local festivities.

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Here's something to bark about! Nessie, a 1 ½-year-old Nederlandse Kooikerhondje is the winner of our Top Dog Contest.

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New Directions in Fiber Art, now on display in the Montclair Art Museum, celebrates how fibrous material is used to make art. All artists on display either live or work in New Jersey.

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Show your love this Valentine’s Day by taking someone special to any of these events around New Jersey.

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