Author: Julia M. Klein

Michelle Miller's new memoir explores how her mixed-race heritage shaped her experience and informs her perspective.

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What will happen to vulnerable tenants when Jersey lifts its pandemic-related moratorium on evictions?

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Erica Katz, pseudonymous author of “The Boys’ Club,” says fiction is a way “to tell difficult stories” probing “the gray area of morality.”

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Genius-grant winner Betsy Levy Paluck looks at reducing conflict and destructive behavior by changing social norms.

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A Jewish scholar and a Harvard PhD., novelist Dara Horn is also a happy suburban mom.

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Shaking Up Weequahic

August 11, 2009

Half a century ago, Newark’s Weequahic High School was an academically distinguished, mostly Jewish enclave that graduated the novelist Philip Roth and a steady stream of future PhDs. Starting in the 1960s, however, the city’s race riots, white flight, and the rise of drug-dealing gangs transformed the school into just another urban battleground with low morale and a high dropout rate.

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Love With The Proper Type

January 15, 2009

When it came to love, Helen Fisher figured she had done it all. She had explored the evolution of human pair-bonding; discovered a universal four-year itch that often led to divorce; and theorized that lust, romantic love, and attachment are each separate drives.

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One Tough Nut

July 9, 2008

To write Night of the Gun, a memoir of his years abusing drugs, booze, women, and anything that got in his way (until he got cancer), New York Times media columnist David Carr turned his reporter’s methods on himself.

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June 6, 2008

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