Author: Kathleen Lynn

As New Jersey’s retail landscape changes, so does the idea of the once-typical shopping district.

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Small private colleges and universities in New Jersey—and around the nation—are facing reduced resources and other challenges in a changing landscape.

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Preliminary work has begun on a five-year, $190 million plan to refurbish Newark Penn Station.

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Here are 12 towns to watch as housing demand zooms.

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As households flee urban areas in search of home offices, backyards and more space to ride out the pandemic, demand has gone "through the roof."

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Fresh-picked fruit, vegetables and plants, as well as dairy and meat products, take center stage.

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Discovering our better selves in a time of uncertainty.

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Meet the founders of Planet Princeton, The Paterson Press and Montclair Local.

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As advertising support continues to dwindle, NJ's news operations flirt with fresh revenue options.

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Stories of sacrifice, service and resilience.

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