Author: Kelly-Jane Cotter

Great cocktails, memorable appetizers and a beat-heavy soundtrack breathe new life into a pre-pandemic hotspot.

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Up and down the coast, the invigorating salt air meets its match in the aroma of smoked meats.

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Boasting childhood favorites like Skee-Ball and Pac-Man, plus hundreds of rare and vintage pinball machines, Silverball is a year-round destination.

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Everyone beams at butterflies. I lavish attention on their unassuming precursors.

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It’s not just what’s on the plate that whets the appetite. These New Jersey chefs know everything in a tablescape counts.

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Meredith O'Brien runs a private practice in Red Bank focused on eating-disorder recovery. She published a memoir about her own journey this summer.

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On a visit to Rows for the Hungry, eighth-graders rolled up their sleeves and tended to crops for community kitchens.

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Fuel up for your beach days at these tried-and-true eateries.

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Eva Pfaff was incensed when her Union County borough lost its A&P. A few years later, she opened a community-centric store of her own.

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Local restaurateurs dish on the power of flowers.

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