Author: Lauren Payne

“The yard constantly changes due to the different bloom times. It’s always fun to walk ‘the estate’ in the morning with coffee just to see what’s blooming that day.”

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“Good bugs live on your plants and keep everything healthy. You know how there are crazy cat ladies? Well I’m the crazy butterfly lady.”

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A sleek new boutique hotel, The Asbury, is bringing cool vibes to the already hip beach town, just in time for summer.

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“Now, rather than force myself to the gym, I find I have to force myself out of the garden.”

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Find plenty of cool, obscure stuff at these lesser known shopping hideaways.

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A once-rustic lake house on 77 wooded acres in Sussex County is transformed into an eco-friendly family retreat.

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96 Shades of White

March 16, 2016

When it comes to crafting a neutral palette, all white is alright.

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With traditional touches and plenty of light, a Short Hills designer creates an award-winning kitchen her whole family can enjoy.

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Neptune's Ray Sheehan has turned his passion to profit with his Memphis-style sauce and BBQ rub, BBQ Buddha.

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Social 37

February 25, 2016

The bar at Social 37 stocks 30 craft beers, nearly 100 wines, plus specialty cocktails. But, the aroma of the wood-fired grill will stimulate your appetite.

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