Author: Lauren Payne

A multitude of options makes choosing the right window treatment a challenge. We’ve called in the experts.

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Small plates make long gains on game day.

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Want to get your house off the market fast? Here are some tips on how to receive top-dollar for your home.

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Josh’s Coastal Chaos

December 19, 2013

This place is a breakfast-lovers’ paradise, but lunch is just as tasty. Coastal Chaos serves all the basics, but come for something different.

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You won’t find a TV or video game in this renovated 1870 farmhouse. But far from grousing, the kids happily cook, bake and even knit. Come Christmas, making decorations from scratch is a family affair.

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This 75-year-old Italian restaurant, located half a mile from the Atlantic City Boardwalk, is an American Institution.

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This imaginative New Vernon homeowner (and busy mother of five) wanted rustic and rugged in her new kitchen. Her wish list included a stone sink.

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The Beanery

October 16, 2013

A coffee and sandwich shop that boasts superb service and charmingly mis-matched tables and chairs.

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Bay Head: Restore

October 4, 2013

Christine and Jed Laird decided to restore their summer cottage in Bay Head, one of the oldest in town.

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Point Pleasant homeowners Carlos and Maria Santos raised their house above flood level requirements, before getting the go-ahead from FEMA.

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