Author: Leslie Garisto Pfaff

Increased understanding of autism has vastly improved services for youths on the spectrum. But what happens when those kids turn 21?

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With an emphasis on science and math, a new wave of vocational schools is attracting some of Jersey’s brightest students.

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A full ranking of the best vocational high schools New Jersey has to offer.

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Fifty years ago, two Bell Labs physicists pointed a giant antenna at the sky. The hissing sounds they heard turned out to be the ultimate clue to the Big Bang theory.

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As we do each year, we’ve assembled a panel of six dentists to discuss current developments and issues in dentistry.

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New Jersey is home to plenty of strange yet satisfying edible weeds. Check out our illustrated guide and happy hunting!

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A failed gardener finds joy and profit in wild (but delightfully edible) plants running amok in her Flemington yard.

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Bariatric surgery can solve more than just weight issues, but lifestyle changes are the key to sustained success.

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Roiled by a coaching scandal, new university president Robert Barchi grapples with a long list of monumental tasks—including the merger with UMDNJ.

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Homeowners battered by Sandy face a second storm—this time of confusion and delay in collecting for their damages.

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