Author: Leslie Garisto Pfaff

More than one business, legitimately or not, has branded itself “the company with a heart,” but Wiss—if it were inclined to self-congratulation—could confidently bill itself as the company with a funny bone.

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If you work for Prudential, there’s a good chance you don’t work at Prudential. Roughly 60 percent of the workforce participates in the company’s Alternative Work arrangement, at some point in any given month pulling up a chair in the kitchen or family room and connecting to the company’s systems remotely.

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The first thing that strikes you about Gensler’s streamlined Morristown office is the lack of doors.

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At Caldwell College, the wife-and-husband team of Sharon and Ken Reeve are addressing the shortage of teachers trained to modify the behavior of children with autism.

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Nassau Hall has housed its share of independent thinkers. For a few tumultuous months in 1783, Princeton University’s oldest building was home to the entire U.S. government, and the Continental Congress once convened in its second-floor library.

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One Father’s Crusade

October 14, 2008

New Jersey is in the vanguard of brain-injury research and treatment thanks in part to the vision and dedication of Clifton resident Dennis Benigno. Dennis dedicated himself to the cause after his son was struck by a car and severely injured.

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as research begins to unlock the secrets of traumatic brain injury, many puzzles remain. an in-depth look at exciting new medical research focusing on how the brain operates.

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They rode in on a tide of hope. A decade later, the promise of New Jersey’s charter schools is only partially fulfilled.

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All That Buzz

February 8, 2008

A tiny Asian pest is threatening crops across New Jersey. Sounds like a job for Paul Raybold, the official state beekeeper.

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