Author: Marla Cimini

Curt Wilson repairs cherished string instruments and custom-builds guitars from an 1800s-era Hopewell schoolhouse.

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Their Sunflow chair pairs style with innovative design.

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Mark Drabich, a human boom box, celebrates the 30th anniversary of Metropolitan, his primo seafood market in Lebanon, by talking it up big time.

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Stacey Marchel lauched Stacey's Surf & Paddle in Margate to offer surf coaching to children and adults alike.

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Artist Michael Malizia Malizia utilizes family memorabilia to create unique mixed-media art pieces using acrylics, oil paints and beeswax.

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Inspiration Strikes

June 21, 2016

Artist Mike Bell's work is heavily influenced by the bright, flashy Atlantic City of his childhood.

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It’s Slow Good

January 30, 2008

If it weren’t for the swift action of the Slow Food movement, a little delicacy known as the Delaware Bay oyster might be only a sweet memory. Once consumed widely throughout the United States, by the 1990s this local oyster was considered an endangered seafood, but since 2003 it has made a comeback.

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