Author: Mary Ann Castronovo Fusco

Brisket, wings and ribs, oh my! These BBQ places have plenty to offer.

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Breakfast at the Beach

June 18, 2015

Sunnyside up or over easy? A tide of tasty choices await you at these lively Shore eateries, where tank tops and flip-flops fit right in.

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No Drive Drinking

March 12, 2015

For merrymaking on St. Patrick’s and other days and nights, restaurants like Montvale’s Porter House roll out the courtesy shuttle.

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Best Coffeehouses: North

March 9, 2015

9 Bar Cafe, Jersey City Order an espresso at the counter and eavesdrop on the plainclothes cops speaking Italian with… Read the rest

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Where to find Jersey's best cuppa joe.

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Making Chalk Talk

July 23, 2013

Do you enjoy the calligraphic chalkboards in restaurants that list menu items or present inspirational quotes? Meet Jane Wenger, a gentle (but persnickety) graphic artist who lovingly creates them.

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Smells Worth Handing Down

January 18, 2012

Chef Luca Valerin of Osteria Giotto Learned A Lot About Cooking From His Mamma Graziella Varotto and His Nonna Esterina Schiavon

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Miracle Cure

January 16, 2012

Letting air and nature do most of the work, Salumeria Biellese in Hackensack produces acclaimed sausages and hams just like in the Old Country.

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Backyard Bounty

May 9, 2011

Tending his fruit and vegetable garden, the author’s 90-year-old father—a locavore before the term existed—keeps old country ways alive.

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A speaker of Italian wonders why other culinary languages don’t get as mangled as hers does.

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