Author: Michael Aaron Rockland

Once routinely referred to as "the armpit of America," the Garden State is now reveling in a newfound respect.

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Finn’s Point National Cemetery in Pennsville, created for Confederate dead, also houses the remains of 13 Russian turncoats who joined Nazi forces.

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They're not all sea and sand (or Snooki). Discover the land along the Delaware River—plus a puzzlingly named town in Pennsylvania.

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Oh, the lessons we learn when living in an old house come cold weather.

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A piece of Delaware on our coast? New York claiming our shoreline? New Jersey's borders have long been flashpoints in relations with our neighbors.

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A pair of U.K. visitors renews a local’s Jersey pride—via an especially unlikely landmark.

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The Politics of Trees

March 8, 2018

Preserving a town’s arboreal splendor can cause a logjam of complaints from the neighbors.

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A Warren County estate where history and a bit of presidential mischief were made stands as a monument to the Gilded Age.

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Why doesn’t Jersey do more to recognize the man who gave Santa Claus his beard?

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Italians have him, but other ethnic groups may want to stake a claim. Or maybe not.

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