Author: Michael Aaron Rockland

Finn’s Point National Cemetery in Pennsville, created for Confederate dead, also houses the remains of 13 Russian turncoats who joined Nazi forces.

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They're not all sea and sand (or Snooki). Discover the land along the Delaware River—plus a puzzlingly named town in Pennsylvania.

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Oh, the lessons we learn when living in an old house come cold weather.

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A piece of Delaware on our coast? New York claiming our shoreline? New Jersey's borders have long been flashpoints in relations with our neighbors.

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A pair of U.K. visitors renews a local’s Jersey pride—via an especially unlikely landmark.

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The Politics of Trees

March 8, 2018

Preserving a town’s arboreal splendor can cause a logjam of complaints from the neighbors.

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A Warren County estate where history and a bit of presidential mischief were made stands as a monument to the Gilded Age.

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Why doesn’t Jersey do more to recognize the man who gave Santa Claus his beard?

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Italians have him, but other ethnic groups may want to stake a claim. Or maybe not.

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There's no birth certificate to prove it, but 1664 is considered New Jersey’s official birth year. Just for luck, we offer 13 significant milestones in the state’s history. Blow out the candles and read on.

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