Author: Maryrose Mullen

Maryrose Mullen is the Digital News Editor for New Jersey Monthly. After graduating from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Writing, she worked for various news publications throughout the Garden State. She loves the New York Giants, sandwiches and drag queens.
Cynthia and Ryan DePersio discuss what they learned from and love about each other.

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Nutley native Ryan DePersio talks shop on operating four distinct establishments in New Jersey.

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Do you have a favorite restaurant in New Jersey for steak? Pizza? Hot dogs? Make your opinion known by voting in our annual Restaurant Poll!

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Republican Presidential debate moderator Neil Cavuto talks about his thorough debate preparation, avoiding "gotcha" questions and Governor Christie's "relentless" campaign strategy.

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Classic photos of the Garden State we know and love.

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Eating With Eric, a weekly podcast presented by the Garden State Wine Growers Association, will take a closer look at New Jersey's dynamic dining scene.

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Throughout the Sinatra Song Showdown, presented by Hudson Whiskey, we faced it all, and we stood tall.

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In a new cookbook by Sandy Axelrod, cooks can learn how to easily prepare food for large and small parties.

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Liberty Hall Pizza

November 19, 2015

Liberty Hall Pizza boasts a lengthy list of Neapolitan-style pizzas that come from Liberty's wood-burning oven. And let's not forget the root beer floats.

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The event honored businesses large and small for their exemplary contributions to various non-profits and to their communities at large.

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