Author: Maryrose Mullen

Maryrose Mullen is the Digital News Editor for New Jersey Monthly. After graduating from Pratt Institute with a BFA in Writing, she worked for various news publications throughout the Garden State. She loves the New York Giants, sandwiches and drag queens.
Mary Lee lives every week like it’s Shark Week…because she’s a shark.

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The Fox Business Network reporter talks with us about her relationship with Warren Buffett and how to invest like a billionaire.

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Former Port Authority exec faces 21 to 27 months in federal prison.

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A Jamaican surgeon connects with his homeland by bringing the island's most precious beans to the Garden State.

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What he's charged with, who is his partner, and what happens next.

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A splend-egg time is guaranteed for all.

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In a Tuesday afternoon speech to the state legislature, Gov. Chris Christie introduced his $33.8 billion state budget proposal, which calls for a $1.3 billion pension payment beginning July 1. Critics say Christie's speech was a lot of hot air.

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Have you ever accepted an odd artifact from a distant relative and held onto it for sentimental reasons? What if that old bag or dusty tome tucked away in the corner of the attic was actually worth a fortune. A new program on FOX Business Network has launched a new reality series, Strange Inheritance, that explores the family treasure troves that may get overlooked.

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New Jersey is a state divided when it comes to football allegiances, but nothing has united Giants, Jets and Eagles fans quite like the infuriating image of Governor Chris Christie embracing Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones after the Texas team’s playoff win Sunday night. Some are speculating Christie’s visible celebration may have political consequences.

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