Author: Nick DiUlio

I find myself caring less and less about the prospects for physical newspapers. And that’s why I’m feeling a little underwhelmed about a new development in the world of South Jersey media.

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Have you ever wanted to see dozens of homemade, human-powered flying machines drop from a 30-foot pier, attempt to take flight, and then fall into the Delaware River? If so, you’re going love the Red Bull Flutag, which takes place this weekend on the river in Camden.

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Here are a few tips to help you travel through the Pine Barrens if you're camping or hiking.

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Two intrepid hikers travel through the wild isolation of the Pine Barrens.

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The tragedy of the SS Morro Castle is one of the most bizarre and fascinating tales of the Jersey Shore. As we mark the 78th anniversary of the shipwreck, two local experts have published a new book that seeks to shed fresh light on the incident.

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Earlier this month I satisfied a longtime yearning and made a two-week trip to Alaska. That’s about as far as you can get from the Garden State without leaving North America, but I just had to share the excitement with my Jersey readers.

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A memorial service for Emilio Carranza will take place this Saturday in the Pine Barrens—as it has every year for almost a century. Which might cause many to ask: Emilio who?

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South Jersey is going to have some representation at this year’s 39th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards—and it’s going to be in the form of locally baked cookies.

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Monsignor Michael Doyle of Sacred Heart Church on Ferry Avenue in Camden is more than just a priest.

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Can Camden Mayor Dana Redd break her city’s sad cycle of poverty, drugs and violence?

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