Author: Paula Span

Times and tastes change. The state's diners must adapt to an evolving customer base, but some things will always stay the same.

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Dispensing coffee, heavy platters and light endearments, the diner waitress works hard for the money but loves the job.

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Pioneering surgeons, researchers bring cutting-edge procedures to New Jersey.

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The Butt Stops Here

July 16, 2015

Pork butt, that is. Also brisket, chicken and ribs. Kansas City Barbeque Society master judge Diane Mullaney rates ’em as she tastes ’em.

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Zounds! What Grounds!

March 11, 2015

They began with a homemade roaster. Now Adam Bossie and his buddies are making Coffee Afficionado the cup that top chefs crave.

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Everyone pays lip service to the juicy Jersey tomato. Now three Rutgers scientists are close to recreating the greatest Jersey tomato of them all.

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He’s effusive, joyously Italian and talks with his hands. Cosimo Maolini stands out in preppy Spring Lake, yet somehow fits in.

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Touting healthier and more flavorful items, the latest owners hope to position the venerable company “for the next 124 years, God willing.”

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