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These were places Jersey music lovers rushed to on the day a much-anticipated album or single was released.

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When he was 14, James Fiorentino’s parents took him to see Joe DiMaggio at an autograph show. Fiorentino brought along a prized possession—a painting he had done of the Yankee great from an old photograph.

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Jack Morey can hardly stop enthusing about the new sign at the Boardwalk terminus of Rio Grande Avenue. In 1950s-stylized letters, two-stories high, it reads, “Wildwoods” and in its foreground are a dozen brightly colored beachballs.

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Thanks to motivated students and hard work, tennis success comes easy for these three South Jersey coaches.

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Going Greek

January 16, 2008

Ethereal aromas! Neon euphoria! Kudos for Hellenic hegemony! (English without these Greek-derived words would be like Jersey without Greek diners.) How a patriarchal system reached ambrosial apogee.

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From lunch wagons to stone edifices, here’s a quick history of the structure you may be sitting in.

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Enthroned in a plush booth, handed a king-size menu, generations of New Jerseyans have helped diners survive the fast-food challenge. Diners are a part of life here in New Jersey, here are some tales behind the fabled eateries.

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