Author: Robert Strauss

The Pub

November 1, 2009

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Forging Ties

September 14, 2009

Like one of those Russian dolls, where each comes apart to expose another within, Batsto Village, nestled in the pine forests of Burlington County, is a many-layered Jersey pleasure.

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Lockheed’s Moorestown facility has 5,000 employees, nearly half of whom are engineers doing sensitive and often secret defense work. The workday can be tense, but Lockheed’s emphasis on career development and social values ameliorates that.

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The world has long known about the Campbell Kids, those Chunky Soup-guzzling icons of this household-name company. Each day, though, several dozen real-life Campbell kids can be seen cavorting at the company’s main campus.

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The Little Tuna

July 5, 2009

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Beach Ball

May 5, 2009

For hoops fans, weekend pickup games are the Shore’s extra point.

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These were places Jersey music lovers rushed to on the day a much-anticipated album or single was released.

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When he was 14, James Fiorentino’s parents took him to see Joe DiMaggio at an autograph show. Fiorentino brought along a prized possession—a painting he had done of the Yankee great from an old photograph.

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Jack Morey can hardly stop enthusing about the new sign at the Boardwalk terminus of Rio Grande Avenue. In 1950s-stylized letters, two-stories high, it reads, “Wildwoods” and in its foreground are a dozen brightly colored beachballs.

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Thanks to motivated students and hard work, tennis success comes easy for these three South Jersey coaches.

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