Author: Sabrina Bush

Giovanna Germinario and her family run Giovanna’s Cafe. As Sabrina Bush writes, it's a small, homey place for breakfast and lunch with an Italian-American accent.

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“My belief,” says Smith, “is that those who have achieved a level of success owe it to their community to give back.”

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Here are 12 New Jersey farms where you can pick your own pumpkins, listed from north to south.

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Here’s a six-pack of places where you can satisfy your thirst for a good fright.

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Disco fries, pork-roll waffle sandwiches and boozy milkshakes are on the menu at Asbury Lanes Diner.

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Described as “the Airbnb of parking,” Boxcar represents more than 250 parking alternatives in 15 cities across New Jersey.

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Two families come together at the Sharing Network to celebrate their unusual bond.

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Coastal towns freshen up with new rides, restaurants and places to stay.

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Whether it’s to occupy a rainy afternoon, relieve the strains of daily life, or educate your kids on marine life, a visit to a New Jersey aquarium will submerge you in sea of knowledge. Here are our picks for the top New Jersey aquariums:

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