Author: Seamus McGraw

Whither Xanadu?

December 13, 2010

Seeking to untangle the mess in the Meadowlands

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Brother’s Keeper

October 14, 2008

michael barbarino has spent most of his life in pain or in prison. now, 36 years after his brother Vincent was killed, he is accusing another sibling of murder.

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Mob Mentality

December 21, 2007

Those on the right side of the law admire the series's uncanny accuracy-and wonder how the producers got "inside."

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On Thin Ice

December 20, 2007

Rick Tocchet, the former Philadelphia Flyers All-Star right winger, spent eighteen years in the National Hockey League, thanks to the rare combination of a scorer’s touch and an enforcer’s mentality.

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Tipping Point

December 19, 2007

The shooting of four college friends, three fatally, in Newark last August triggered local finger-pointing, national grandstanding, and a torrent of cries for help.

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