Author: Sharon Waters

The physicians for the New York teams talk about the pressures and passions of the job.

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With the April 27 opening of Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, middle-aged women are planning visits to the Judy Blume Service Area and heading by the car load to movie theaters.

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New Jersey's hospitals and medical offices don't reflect our state's diverse population.

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For these lawyers, nurses, firefighters and office workers, lifeguarding gigs offer an escape from the daily grind.

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Former residents reflect on the demolition of the public-housing towers on Route 18, twenty years later.

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Amid the pandemic, Byrne is still networking, dropping F-bombs and handing out mementos of her husband, the late governor.

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10 Millennials to Watch

February 27, 2020

A new generation has begun to step up and embrace leadership roles in government, education, social activism and business.

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These four New Jersey couples come from opposite sides of the political aisle. Their differences help keep them together.

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They peck at cars. They crash through windows. They poop on lawns. What’s not to like?

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An unlikely plot proves fertile ground for gardening—and friendship.

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