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Before ushering in a crucial chapter of funk’s history, the founder of Parliament and Funkadelic did hair at Newark's star-studded Supreme barbershop.

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The Family Band guitarist talks philanthropy, education and life in Livingston.

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Visitors flock to the Belvidere vineyards to roll up their pant legs and take part in some old-school squishing. (And, of course, a bit of sipping.)

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Min Kwon's pandemic-inspired project showcases 70 diverse interpretations of "America the Beautiful."

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Lauren Van Liew, aka Chef Covas, promises “no sugarcoating” in her approach to catering for big parties or small.

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Staples along the Jersey coastline sure to satisfy every summer craving.

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The beauty icon mulls over Brick City’s past and present vibrancy.

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The 27-year-old Millstone Township native creates couture for "the modern heroine."

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Kenneth Gifford’s new digital platform, Vault, brings attention to underrepresented talent.

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Turn downtime into productive time in 2021.

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