Author: Tammy La Gorce

How a star of the publishing world found happiness—and continued success—in the Jersey suburbs. 

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The Morristown native talks quarantining in Manhattan, reading nonstop on her sofa, and “getting kicked out of New Jersey.”

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Following a $5 million renovation, Greenwood Gardens provides a welcome oasis.

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Stephanie Kip's online interviews feature a range of subjects associated with the now-demolished Morris Plains hospital, including Woody Guthrie’s daughter and a former girlfriend of Bob Dylan's.

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His latest book, "Get in the Car, Jane! Adventures in the TV Wasteland," was published earlier this year.

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18 books by Jersey authors we're toting everywhere from our backyards to the beaches.

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10 Millennials to Watch

February 27, 2020

A new generation has begun to step up and embrace leadership roles in government, education, social activism and business.

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Lawrenceville natives Emily and Lyla Allen are the dynamic duo behind "The Teen Kitchen."

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Lisa Tognola’s debut book, 'As Long As It’s Perfect,' was over a decade in the making.

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Her Warren-based PR firm, Evergreen Partners, helps rescue reputations at risk.

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