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Where to find Jersey's best cuppa joe.

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Have you mastered the ability to stomach faddish habanero-flavored foods without choking down a cold glass of beer, water, or even milk? If so, we applaud you. But we also warn you: don’t get too comfortable with your chili-pepper prowess. When it comes to food trends, heat is hotter than ever this year.

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A tasty, inexpensive place to duck into (especially for takeout).

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New Jersey’s premier mixologists—armed with sweet, sour, savory and spicy ingredients—vie to win the second Iron Shaker bartender competition.

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Talk about racking up bragging rights. New Brunswick’s Stage Left Restaurant is giving 20 lucky (and presumably well-heeled) whisky aficionados the opportunity to hand over $1,800 for a single, one-ounce shot of a rare 50-year-old Scotch.

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Armed with a cotton candy machine, an aerolatte milk frother and a Ninja-brand professional blender, bartender John Jansma of Serenade in Chatham whirred and stirred his way to top place at last night’s Iron Shaker state-wide cocktail competition, organized by West Caldwell-based R &R Marketing and sponsored by New Jersey Monthly. Jansma’s four drinks took first place or tied for first in each category, from sweet to sour then savory and finally, spicy.

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October 8, 2014

At this come-as-you-are seafood joint, the catch is always fresh.

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The hippos at the newly-renovated Adventure Aquarium in Camden are happy in their new home--and so are the patrons.

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Garrett Oliver, one of the craft beer movement's brightest stars, hosted a beer pairings dinner at the Mountain Lakes Club in Morris County Thursday night.

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Toni’s Treats & Eats

June 18, 2014

Toni's Treats & Eats in Malaga (near Vineland, in Gloucester County) makes its own ice cream in 51 flavors. Build your own parfaits or create a custom ice cream sandwich. First have lunch—15 grilled-cheese sandwiches, about 15 hot dog concoctions.

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