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The accessory-dwelling-unit boom could mean more affordable housing for New Jersey residents.

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Raven Tyler, her daughter and their two pets turn heads living and driving in their white home on wheels.

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Bridgeton's new transitional housing program aims to help parolees find employment and readjust to life outside of prison.

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The eatery's prime location, plus its delectable dishes and cocktails, are making the cuisine more mainstream in NJ.

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Little Lima's top restaurants and dishes.

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Following two operations in six months, Donald Cooper returned to racing in tough competitions.

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She plays with the New York Philharmonic; he fronts the progressive rock band Stratospheerius.

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The restaurant serves traditional Peruvian fare away from the hustle and bustle of Little Lima.

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Dawkins grew up watching games on TV from his Ridgewood home. Now he's president of the exhibition team, which makes three stops in NJ this month.

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A quick guide to some of this year's town-wide restaurant specials.

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