Author: Wayne J. Guglielmo

New Jersey is still a state of small medical practices, but that’s changing rapidly. Under the pressure of health care reform, doctors are rushing to consolidate—with each other and with hospitals.

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Hospitals and health systems can’t bear all the burden of assuring that New Jersey trains and retains the doctors it needs. What is being done to fix the state's doctor shortage?

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New Jersey is facing a physician shortage—and there’s no cure in sight.

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The idea of an accountable care organization (ACO)—a coordinated group of providers rewarded for achieving good outcomes for a population of patients while cutting costs—predates the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

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The decline of solo practitioners in the state.

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To survive in the new cost-cutting health care landscape, large hospital systems gobble up smaller ones and independent facilities merge. Experts see benefits for consumers, but risks as well.

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Kids’ gastrointestinal problems can be tough to diagnose. That’s where pediatric specialists step in.

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Keeping Them on the Farm

October 11, 2010

A state program protects fertile land from development, helping New Jersey’s agricultural tradition survive.

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Infectious-disease specialists solve the tough cases that leave others baffled.

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A major earthquake isn’t likely here, but if it comes, watch out.

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