Whole Lotta Love

May 5, 2009

With tangled plots and double lives, Jersey romance writers tug countless heartstrings....
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Treasure Hunter

March 16, 2009

“To some people, dusty old books are often just dusty old things to get rid of,” says Shaw, a reference librarian at the New Jersey State Library in Trenton....
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One Tough Nut

July 9, 2008

To write Night of the Gun, a memoir of his years abusing drugs, booze, women, and anything that got in his way (until he got cancer), New York Times media columnist David Carr turned his reporter’s methods on himself....
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Parsing Baloney

February 8, 2008

Strong sales of the brusquely titled On Bullshit show that America’s book-buying public isn’t yet full of it....
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A High Seas Mystery

January 29, 2008

When the S.S. Morro Castle set sail on her maiden voyage in August 1930, she was hailed as one of the most luxurious vessels of her day....
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