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Allison M. Adams, DMD

About Allison M. Adams

Dedication to patients, passion for the art and science of dentistry and commitment to learning define the practice of Dr. Allison Adams, who says, “I believe our work positively impacts the human spirit.”

For Dr. Adams, exceptional dentistry is more about excellent communication than technique. She believes that attentive listening is the most important diagnostic tool in dental care. The team maintains respect for their patients as individuals and recognizes there is more to life than teeth. They understand that prevention is a superior strategy to repair and that technology is valuable only as a supplement to conversation.

Adams Dental, which includes Dr. Mark McCaffery and Dr. Celine Lee, provides comprehensive care including cosmetic dentistry, implants, orthodontics and Pinhole® surgery. Dr. Adams, an expert in the fields of airway focused dentistry, facial growth guidance, myofunctional therapy and sleep apnea, completed a mini-residency in ALF (advanced lightwire functional) appliance therapy. She is trained to identify and release tongue ties in infants, children and adults, and recognizes that proper functioning of the mouth is critical to overall body function.

The Integrative Dental Center at Adams Dental connects oral and systemic health to find solutions for patients’ chronic health issues. Something as common as crowded teeth or sleep apnea often has underlying causes like mouth breathing, chronic nasal congestion or allergies. “People appreciate that we consider eating, swallowing, sleeping, head and neck pain and enhancing their children’s growth and development,” Dr. Adams says. She welcomes proactive patients who are looking for integrity, service and respect.