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Forouzan Ghaffari, DMD

About Forouzan Ghaffari

The approach to dentistry used by Dr. Forouzan Ghaffari and Dr. Denise Kitay adheres to a simple principle. They treat each patient with the same care and precision as if they were treating their own family.

With nearly three decades of experience in the dental field, Dr. Ghaffari has dedicated her career to enhancing the dental well-being of her patients. She believes in the power of a healthy smile. In addition to boosting confidence and morale, it offers numerous advantages for overall health and vitality.

In 2001, Dr. Ghaffari assumed ownership of West Caldwell Dental Group, a reputable multi-specialty practice established in 1980. Dedicated to advancing dentistry daily, Dr. Ghaffari takes pride in collaborating with Dr. Kitay and an exceptional team of dentists committed to delivering unparallel care.

Additionally, Dr. Ghaffari eagerly anticipates the arrival of her daughter Dr. Kimia Raimi to the practice this summer. “The prospect of my daughter following in my footsteps fills me with excitement. I look forward to extending her a warm welcome to the practice,” she says proudly.

A graduate of UMDNJ, Dr. Ghaffari completed a residency at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine in New York. She has been an adjunct faculty member at NYU College of Dentistry since 2018. Driven by her passion for community services, she has contributed to Operation Smile, an organization committed to providing dental care to children with cleft palates.

Dr. Kitay provides expert orthodontic care to children and adults, offering several options for clear aligners (including Invisalign®) and traditional braces for more complex treatment plans. She
individualizes treatment plans to maximize aesthetics and to minimize the length of treatment. She may recommend early treatment, but only when there are clear benefits.

Given that she considers this multi- specialty practice her home away from home, it’s no surprise that Dr. Ghaffari has created an exceptionally welcoming atmosphere that embraces each patient. “I always picture it as if I were working on a family member,” she says. “I think about how would I want a procedure done on someone in my family. And that’s exactly how I treat my patients.”

When it comes to treatment, Dr Ghaffari takes a very conservative approach. “I always discuss the many options available to my patients before a treatment plan is
recommended. Not just the aesthetics of the tooth in question but also the long-term prognosis, which is extremely important. I want my patients to always feel comfortable with the decision they are making to move forward with treatment.”

Now treating a second generation of families, Dr. Ghaffari takes great pride in ensuring that she spends more than enough time with all of her patients. “My goal is to never rush anyone or any procedure,” she says. “People recognize both my commitment to them and also that of my team. It’s a level of service that simply cannot be faked.”

A friendly and experienced office staff, plus the extensive training and expertise of each dentist in the practice, has led to glowing online reviews and countless referrals for West Caldwell Dental Group. “We try to keep a good relationship with every patient, and they all feel that,” Dr. Ghaffari says. “The family atmosphere extends to our team here, and patients also sense that. It makes a big difference, and the frequent referrals patients provide show that they trust us. Being in practice at the same location in West Caldwell for 23 years certainly helps as well.”

Dr. Ghaffari and Dr. Kitay find great satisfaction in providing ample time to each patient, prioritizing quality care over haste. They’re now tending to second-generation families, and their unmatched dedication to dentistry stems from a continual, long-standing passion for the field. This commitment resonates with younger patients, inspiring an interest in pursuing dentistry themselves, which is a joy to hear for both of these accomplished dentists.