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Nancy Herbst, DDS

About Nancy Herbst

Dr. Nancy Herbst became an oral surgeon with one specific goal in mind: to make sure people from all walks of life would have access to quality surgical care. That’s the motivation that drives her and her experienced staff at a 2,500-square-foot new, custom-built facility that she opened last year in Union City.

“It’s very spacious and comfortable,” Dr. Herbst says. “I wanted to create an aesthetically pleasing and relaxing atmosphere. It’s been my life’s dream to do this.” The space, which includes five treatment rooms with televisions and music and a recovery room with warm blankets, makes for a better patient experience. “I made sure the entire office was artistically designed to eliminate any feeling of being in a sterile atmosphere,” she says. “There is a warm, homey feel. It’s all designed to make patients as comfortable as possible.”

Dr. Herbst works with Dr. Jean Kim Lau, Dr. John Mullins Jr., Dr. Joel Doner, Dr. Tal Kohn, and Dr. Hillel Kaye, allowing Union City Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Group to offer a wide variety of surgical and aesthetic procedures. These include wisdom teeth extraction, implants and biopsies of the jaw using the most up-to-date instruments and technology, bone grafting, micro-needling, Botox®, fillers, and PRP (platelet-rich plasma). Dr. Herbst also makes alleviating pain and reducing fear a priority. “One of the ways we can address that is to provide general anesthesia and sedation in the office,” she says. The practice is also narcotic-free. “With the opioid crisis in our country right now, I felt it was important to not prescribe any opiates at all,” she says. “Our patients are doing fine without them.”

That decision is reflected in the very first part of the practice’s mission statement, which is to protect patients and make sure they have a safe experience. “We listen closely to all of our patients and work to understand exactly what they want,” she says. “Then we try to accommodate them in the best way possible.”

Dr. Herbst’s paperless practice accepts all types of insurance, including state-funded plans. “When I do my surgeries, I don’t think about what coverage you have,” she says. “I just know that you need the surgery and I’m going to do my best for you.” Having a skilled and experienced administrative team allows Dr. Herbst to focus on being a surgeon. “That team helps by educating patients on insurance coverage and communicating healthcare benefits as effectively as possible,” she says. “A billing coordinator ensures that accounts are properly billed and collected.” There are also team members who communicate with insurance companies and advocate on behalf of patients

Dr. Herbst enjoys working with patients who have special needs and disabilities. “The office is well staffed and equipped to handle the full spectrum of patients requiring oral surgery,” she says. “We have a very cohesive team that has been together for many years.” The practice is multi-lingual, including Spanish and Korean speakers, enabling efficient care for different parts of the community.

A graduate of the NYU College of Dentistry, Dr. Herbst completed residencies at Jersey City Medical Center and Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, where she and Dr. Doner co-direct the Division of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. She also takes trauma calls at both locations, performing complex procedures for facial trauma. She is also a clinical associate professor at Rutgers, where she works with dental students and residents in the oral and maxillofacial surgery program. “I’m very appreciative of my colleagues who nominated me to be a New Jersey Monthly Top Dentist,” she says. “I’m hoping that my team and I can continue working together with those doctors and the community we serve to improve oral health.”