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We asked 6,917 New Jersey dentists to tell us which of their fellow dentists they consider New Jersey’s best practitioners. The result: Our 2018 list of the state’s 635 Top Dentists, as chosen by their peers. View our MethodologyFAQ and Professional Advisory Board.

Steven F. Bogart, DDS

About Steven F. Bogart

From day one, Dr. Steven Bogart’s goal has been to provide patients with excellent surgical results in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. “We know how to treat our patients superbly,” he says. “Everything else follows.” Before and during surgery, Dr. Bogart and his staff treat patients with exceptional warmth and compassion. This doctor personally calls to check on each and every patient after their procedures.

Genuinely excited about new technology, Dr. Bogart is quick to integrate innovation into his practice. “Technology is moving dentistry forward,” he says. “If there’s something out there that can help me perform better or make my patients more comfortable, we have to have it.” Instead of taking impressions, Dr. Bogart employs intraoral scanning. His office is equipped with the capability to perform full mouth reconstruction in a single day.“Digitally guided implants are real game changers,” says Dr. Bogart, who places every implant with precise CT guidance. “Today’s dental implants can predictably restore people to full health and last a lifetime.”

Last year, oral surgeon Dr. Hubert Gugala joined Dr. Bogart’s practice, which is thriving due to its “patient care first” philosophy. Front desk staffers, responsible for those all-important first and last interactions with patients during their visits, are uncommonly welcoming and empathetic. His practice offers patients every level of comfort, including IV sedation.

Dr. Bogart graduated with high honors from NYU College of Dentistry.