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We asked 25,339 New Jersey doctors to tell us which of their fellow practitioners they consider New Jersey’s best doctors. The result: Our 2020 Jersey Choice list of the state’s 1,096 Top Doctors, as chosen by their peers. View our Methodology, FAQ and Professional Advisory Board.

James Zinman, MD

About James Zinman

Drs. Burton Schlecker and James Zinman lead one of New Jersey’s most prominent urology groups with a commitment to quality and best practices of care for men, women and children. They treat kidney stones (with percutaneous, shockwave and laser techniques), male and female sexual issues, infertility, and incontinence, and perform minimally invasive procedures for all types of prostate problems. They also focus on both localized and advanced prostate cancer, using robotic surgery, radiation therapy and active surveillance. Additionally, the doctors address the cancer’s effect on other parts of the body, including the bones, and treat male osteoporosis and osteopenia in their bone health center.

“Through education and expert guidance,” says Dr. Schlecker, “we help patients make informed decisions regarding care and treatment options, which can lead to better outcomes for them and their families.”