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We asked more than 26,000 New Jersey doctors to tell us which of their fellow practitioners they consider New Jersey’s best doctors. The result: Our 2021 Jersey Choice list of the state’s 1,142 Top Doctors, as chosen by their peers. View our methodology, frequently asked questions and professional advisory board here.

Matthew Zornitzer, MD

About Matthew Zornitzer

The fellowship-trained Top Doctors within Summit Health’s growing orthopedic practice provide comprehensive care to patients in New Jersey, New York City, and Long Island. They offer an outlet to primary care physicians, medical specialists, and surgical specialists to send patients of all ages for treatment in every area of orthopedics.

The range of services goes well beyond simply taking care of athletes. “We certainly do that, but a large part of our practice focuses on treating the degenerative conditions that occur in athletes and non-athletes alike,” says Dr. Matthew Garberina, chair of Orthopedics. “We basically take care of the acutely injured as well as the grey hair and wrinkles of the musculoskeletal system. Whether the problem is traumatic, like a tendon, ligament, or bony injury, or if the issue is chronic, we have specialists with the training and expertise to tackle anything.”

Whether it is non-surgical treatment for degenerative or traumatic conditions using biologics or computer-assisted navigated surgery, these Top Doctors are at the forefront and even contributing to the development of innovative technologies and treatments. Patients can be confident that Summit Health orthopedic surgeons are up to date with the newest treatment modalities and capable of providing the best possible care.

An added benefit for Summit Health patients is the infrastructure of the practice. “Some patients who come to see us don’t have a primary care doctor or might have other issues that have fallen by the wayside and need treatment,” says Dr. Garberina. “All of our doctors share the same electronic medical records system. So, if one of our patients is being treated for an orthopedic issue but also has a cardiology or endocrine situation that needs to be addressed, a simple click on the computer lets us find out what medical issues require attention before or while addressing the patient’s musculoskeletal problem. We can directly and easily communicate with our doctors in all specialties to make sure the totality of the patient’s medical needs are met.” To this end, assistance is provided to patients who are not set up with a primary care doctor or a specialist.

“When you come and see a Summit Health orthopedist, you will be taken care of by a well-trained surgeon with experience treating your particular problem,” says Dr. Garberina. “We have excellent camaraderie between our doctors, which enables a sharing of expertise and resources that is done with the best interest of the patient in mind.”

Summit Health is a physician-led, patient-centric network committed to simplifying the complexities of health care and bringing a more connected kind of care. Formed by the 2019 merger between Summit Medical Group, one of the nation’s premier independent physician-governed multispecialty medical groups, and CityMD, the leading urgent care provider in the New York metro area, Summit Health delivers a more intuitive, comprehensive, and responsive care experience for every stage of life and health condition through high-quality primary, specialty, and urgent care. Summit Health has more than 2,000 providers, 8,000 employees and over 200 locations in New Jersey and New York, as well as more than 130 providers and six locations in Central Oregon.