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Muhammad Rashid Abbasi, MD

About Muhammad Rashid Abbasi

For more than 20 years, Oncology and Hematology Specialists has provided expert consultation, diagnosis and treatment to patients with cancers and blood disorders. With two convenient state-of-the-art locations, the practice offers patients comprehensive and individualized care. It is where Drs. Muhammed Abbasi, Naveed Jan and Jason Levitz, all board-certified in oncology, hematology and internal medicine, carry out a mission of healing with a human touch, full of compassion and hope.

“Sitting with a patient in whom cancer has been detected and helping to remove fears that come with this diagnosis is incredibly rewarding,” says Dr. Levitz. “With today’s treatments, we’re curing more patients than ever before.” Dr. Abbasi credits this to their talented health care team, which includes Drs. Fazal Bari, Ruby Hanna and Christopher Tully. “We work as a cohesive team,” says Dr. Abbasi. “When patients come to see us, they get the combined opinion of six highly-trained specialists.”

“Additionally,” adds Dr. Jan “we utilize the most innovative technologies, including molecular testing of each cancer individually. With these abilities, we can provide the latest and most advanced treatments tailored specifically to each patient. Importantly, we also have the capacity to put patients on the latest clinical trials providing further options for them.”

On-site infusion therapy and bone marrow testing are among the practice’s many offerings, which also include cutting-edge clinical trials, supplements and nutrition counseling, and a specialty pharmacy for timely medication disbursement. The group has a strong partnership with neighboring radiation oncologists, its own inpatient hospice unit and a foundation to assist underinsured families.

HOSPITAL AFFILIATIONS: Morristown Medical Center; Saint Clare’s Denville Hospital; and Saint Clare’s Dover Hospital.