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Mud Hen Brewing Co. is a Statewide Favorite

By Jacqueline Klecak | 02/28/2019
In a former Wildwood Harley-Davidson dealership, Brendan Sciarra opens Mud Hen, a 150-barrel system with an expansive food menu, live music and games. ...
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Erika and Michael Kane spent years visiting breweries before starting Kane Brewing Company in 2011. Here, we take you through the company's history and future plans....
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Mark Drabich, a human boom box, celebrates the 30th anniversary of Metropolitan, his primo seafood market in Lebanon, by talking it up big time....
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Chef Jamie Knott: Mr. Flat Out, Full On

By Shelby Vittek | 02/04/2019
Jamie Knott was always driven—to escape childhood wounds and to pursue his passions. But to become a major chef and restaurateur he had to beat the bottle, and that took years....
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The 28 Best New Restaurants 2019

By Eric Levin | 01/31/2022
For rewarding food, atmosphere, variety and value, these new restaurants have earned enthusiastic followings....
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5 Essential Foods to Add to Your Diet

By Deborah P. Carter | 01/08/2019
These foods are just as tasty as they are healthy....
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Eat With Your Mind

By Shelby Vittek | 12/31/2018
Slowing down, letting your senses converge, makes each bite an epiphany. ...
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Baijiu is the best-selling liquor on earth (largely because of the number of people who consume it in its native China). Its aroma is super-funky, and that’s a good thing. At 100-to-120 proof, it’s not to be trifled with. But this ancient spirit can definitely be enjoyed....
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Breaking Grounds Serves Coffee for a Cause

By Shelby Vittek | 12/05/2018
In Mount Holly, a coffee shop that brews workplace skills for developmentally disabled adults....
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Stop Throwing Away Food. Yes, You!

By Eric Levin | 12/05/2018
About 40 percent of all food produced in the United States goes to waste. Jersey chefs and the state are tackling the problem. You can, too, with tasty results. ...
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A meatless Thanksgiving menu can be done, and it can include more than just salads, dinner rolls, and desserts. This year, try out one of these vegetarian thanksgiving recipes. ...
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Rodrigo Duarte, The King of Hams

By New Jersey Monthly | 11/01/2018
Rodrigo Duarte spared no effort to bring the prized pig of his native Portugal here. His long quest nears completion....
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Oldest Form of Bubbly Is on the Rise

By Shelby Vittek | 10/17/2018
Pétillant-naturel—pét-nat for short—is both a sexy debutante in today's wine world and a form of sparkling wine that predates Champagne by centuries....
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‘Baking is in Your Blood’

By New Jersey Monthly | 10/10/2018
Guided by the women who came before her, Susan Carter devoted herself to her Hungarian heritage, launched her own business and deepened it with a pilgrimage....
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The annual Iron Shaker cocktail competition, held at the House of Independents in Asbury Park, was a spirited affair....
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Osteria Crescendo, in Westwood, will feature Italian street food and, unlike Felice's Viaggio in Wayne, will have a liquor license. ...
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Hitting New Jersey’s Wine Trails

By Shelby Vittek | 10/09/2018
Care for a refreshing chardonnay? A marvelous merlot? You'll find plenty to sample on these trails, linking some of the state's top wineries....
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Japan Rises to Rival Scotch

By New Jersey Monthly | 09/19/2018
Japanese whisky (which adopts the Scotch spelling) isn’t exactly new. But it’s taken off as a category in recent years, and demand has outpaced what was already a limited supply....
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Foodstock is a Food Drive with a Rock Beat

By New Jersey Monthly | 09/13/2018
As bands play, the Swisher family’s Foodstock fest aims to pull in 100,000 pounds of donated goods this year....
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Seth Leavitt’s hot dogs follow the strictest kosher standards, but you don’t have to be Jewish to love them. Now if he could just win over Trader Joe’s....
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