Cast A Shadow

Hamilton Street Gallery
DEADLINE: August 15th.

September 14th to October 31st., 2019
Opening Reception Saturday, September 14th, 2 to 5 pm
“We are but dust and shadow.”
from the Odes of Horace by Horace, Roman Poet and Satirist

Darkness of a shadow is cast when rays of light become blocked by an object. The brighter the light, the deeper the shadow. Shadows are visually diverse and may be seen as long or short, soft or hard edged, black, multicolored or 3D, dramatic or serene. Artists understand the importance of shadows. With skillful hands and expertise, the detailed outline of a black silhouette will capture subtle characteristics. In portraiture, exquisite facial features emerge through sensuous chiaroscuro, and blankets of shadow unveil a landscape’s luminous magic at dusk. Other connotations regarding shadows might include an indication or trace as in the phrase “A shadow of a doubt”, or the practice of detection such as in a Noir film or FBI investigation, or the need to follow, as in Peter Pan’s shadowy companion. And, a shadow can be defined as a specter, ghost, or dark influence that has the power to cast gloom upon the innocent, or over an entire nation.
For this exhibit we are asking artists to submit work pertaining to the subject of shadows. Adventurous interpretations of the theme are encouraged and all media is accepted.


1. Exhibition is open to residents 18 years or older, living in NY, NJ and PA.
2. All media will be considered and must be original and by the artist.
3. We prefer that work be hand delivered to the gallery, but will accept pre-paid shipment of work preferably through the Post Office with return packaging to and from the gallery.
4. Art work must be wired and ready for hanging and/or installation and must not exceed 60” in any direction.
Please no saw tooth hangers. Size limitations for sculptural and video pieces will be considered individually.
5. Two dimensional works on paper and other fragile surfaces must be framed with glass or Plexiglas, except with special permission
6. All accepted art work must remain at the gallery for the duration of the exhibit. Upon delivery of work, the gallery has the right to reject work that is not consistent with submitted digital images.

There is no entry fee to enter the exhibit. Accepted artists pay upon delivery, a nominal fee of $25, by cash, check or money order payable to Hamilton Street Gallery to cover costs for promotional mailing, hanging, lighting and installation. Hamilton Street Gallery charges 25% commission on art work sold. Sales will be finalized at the end of each exhibition.

Hamilton Street Gallery will provide insurance for work upon receiving art, during exhibition and up until work is picked up. Artwork is not insured while in transit to and from the gallery.

Submission Guidelines
There are two ways to submit work:
A. Up to 5 digital file submissions will be accepted via email to [email protected] or
B. Up to 5 images on a CD rom can be mailed through the Post Office
1. All submissions must be in JPEG format in the order you would like them viewed with artist name and title of work. Images cannot be larger than 800 x 800 pixels at 72 DPI.
2. An image list on paper, numbered in the order in which they appear on the CD, including title of work, media, dimensions, date, and price.
3. One page resume (please include phone number and email address)
4. An artist statement (optional but encouraged)
5. An SASE for return of materials is requested
6. Video and performance artists should submit DVDs labeled with name, title, date and price
(All submissions should be received, not post marked, by the deadline date.)

Important dates to remember:
Submission Deadline – Thursday, August, 15th., 2019
Notification of acceptance by email – Monday, August 19th.
Delivery Dates – Thursday, September 5th., 12 to 5 pm.
Friday, September 6th., 5 to 8 pm and Saturday, September 7th 12 to 5 pm
Opening Reception – Saturday, September 14th., 2 to 5 pm.
Pick up dates – Thursday, October 31st. 12 to 5 pm,
Friday, November 1st., 5 to 8 pm and Saturday, November 2nd. 12 to 5 pm.

Event Information

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