Harmonize Your Life: Stress Reduction Through Habitual Wellness with Mary

Harmonize Your Life with Mary is a transformative wellness workshop designed to teach participants how to effectively manage stress through the development of positive habits. This hands-on seminar will explore practical strategies for balancing personal and professional responsibilities, fostering a harmonious life. Through interactive discussions, personalized worksheets, and a dedicated Q&A session, attendees will learn how to incorporate wellness into their daily routines.

• Introduction to Stress and Its Effects (20 minutes): An overview of stress and its impact on health and well-being.
• Interactive Session: Identifying Stressors (30 minutes): Participants use worksheets to identify personal stressors and discuss strategies for managing them.
• Building Healthy Habits (30 minutes): Explore how to create and sustain habits that reduce stress and promote wellness.
• Q&A and Discussion (30 minutes): Open floor for questions, sharing experiences, and discussing challenges and successes in stress management.
• Closing and Mindfulness Exercise (10 minutes): Conclude with a mindfulness exercise to practice awareness and presence.

Participants will gain insights into the nature of stress and learn actionable strategies for managing it. They’ll leave with a personal plan for integrating stress-reducing habits into their lives, improving their overall well-being. Attendees will feel equipped, motivated, and inspired to implement new wellness habits. They’ll have a clearer understanding of how to navigate stress and maintain harmony in their lives.

About Mary:
Mary Massey is a dynamic motivational speaker, podcaster, fitness expert, and business strategist dedicated to helping individuals achieve balance and fulfillment in their lives. With a passion for empowering women and a rich background in wellness and entrepreneurship, Mary brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her talks and workshops. As a Zumba® instructor and a proponent of holistic wellness, she integrates movement and mindfulness into her programs, offering practical solutions for stress management and personal development. Mary’s engaging approach and commitment to fostering growth and self-confidence make her a sought-after speaker and workshop leader.

Learn More: marymassey.com
Instagram: @marymasseyfit
Email: [email protected]

Price: $50 + processing fee

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