Mantra Meditation + Gong Bath Savasana with Chris

Join us for a heart-awakening meditation and sound experience to welcome the Spring season of new beginnings and growth.

Harmonize your mind, body, and soul as you immerse in healing vibrations of sound for deep relaxation, harmony, bliss & peace in alpha brain wave states during our melodic journey with the gong.

About Chris
Chris is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher, a Level 3 Sound Healer with Atma Buti school, and an accomplished astrologer. Chris offers private intuitive sound healing for deep relaxation and chakra alignment in her Wujilbliss sound studio in Montclair. Chris harmonizes with singing bowls, koshi chimes, gong, shruti, and many other instruments to heal and restore. She has lived in the Montclair area since 2000 where she has raised three children.

Price: $33 + processing fee

Event Information

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