Memorial Day Weekend NIGHT CLIMB at TreEscape Aerial Adventure Park!

What’s better than climbing during the day? Climbing at Night! 😎

Enjoy fun-filled, family-friendly thrills for anyone with a sense of adventure! Designed for all skill levels, TreEscape Aerial Adventure Park is a unique blend of wooden platforms built high in the trees connected by exhilarating combinations of rope walks, obstacles, climbing elements, and zip lines, all located in our beautiful, forested setting of The Great Gorge in Vernon, NJ.

Duration: 3 Hours

About Night Climb:
* Access to the entire ten courses and Black Creek Flyer (Zip Lining)
* Night climbing is available on selected weekends
* All of our courses are lit up for a fantastic night climb experience
* Stop by the clubhouse for drinks and dinner before your adventure. (10% off your meal)

Minimum height and weight requirements: 36″ and 30 pounds
Maximum height and weight limits: 6’8″ and 265 pounds
* Regardless of a participant’s height and weight, they must properly fit into a harness to participate.
Ages 7 and up

What to Wear/Bring:
* Full equipment and gloves rental are included. Gloves are required and available for daily use on-site, or guests may bring their own. We recommend leather work gloves or something similar.
* Choosing your climbing clothes is essential. You will want to select well-fitted clothing that does not hang loose as it can get tangled in cables and rope. The harness must be worn as the guest’s outermost layer over their other clothing so staff may regularly inspect it.
* Long hair must be tied back, and leave your jewelry at home.
* Additionally, all participants must wear closed-toe shoes with a back (no clogs) and lacking a high heel. Sneakers, boots, and hiking shoes are all acceptable. (Shoes with heels, flip-flops, and sandals are not allowed).
* Dress appropriately for the weather and rigorous physical activity.
* You may want to bring bottled water and snacks.

Get Ready to GET HOOKED!

Event Information

  • Date: 05/27/2023
  • Time: 7:30PM
  • Price: Night Climbs are $60 per person for guests aged 7 and older (with course-by-course age restrictions in place)
  • Ticket Info: Night Climbs are $60 per person for guests aged 7 and older (with course-by-course age restrictions in place)
  • Phone: (862) 801-7028
  • Website:

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