Midnight Market Quarantine Edition

Midnight Market, Jersey City’s first foodie nightlife experience, is now providing a shelter-in-place event every Friday.
Social Distancing is really taking a toll on life.
I know we’re itching to have a good time again.
So let’s enjoy good vibes, good food, and good drinks separately… but together.


Join The Take-Out Flash Mob. This is the most important part! Get Midnight Market pick-up or delivery from the list of participating local biz.

Be The Bartender Tonight. We’ve compiled a list of a few fun cocktails with simple ingredients to help build your immune system but also get a good buzz going.

Stream Live Sets By Our DJs. There will be a swipe up option on our Instagram Story. Click here to follow on IG: @MidnightMarketEvents

Suggested (drinking) games. Let’s be honest, anything is a drinking game if you add in the right rules lol
Either way, here’s some suggestions.

Want to interact with one another? Make new friends and meet new people virtually! REMEMBER TO RECORD YOUR EVENING & TAG US ON SOCIAL
We’ll repost you and make it an online party!

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