Monmouth Museum Presents: “Light, Landscape & Longing”

Eric Williams is a professional Creative Director with a passion for railroad themed fine art photography. He resides in Millburn NJ, and travels by train and subway daily to his Manhattan employer. Formally trained as an industrial designer, he is a self-taught photographer who brings his love for design and narrative to create images that illuminate the relationship between people, landscape and the railroad.
While his images span the breath of the American railroad system, many of the images are made close to his home, with some featuring the commuter rail systems that are integrated into daily life for many, including Eric. With a deep understanding of the historical, economic, and cultural place of the railroad, Eric infuses his images with a subjective and emotional response that reflects his vision of the railroad’s place within the shared American psyche.
Artist Statement:
“Where the railroad laid its track, a narrow, long sinuous corridor is formed that creates a new landscape. Traveling across the country, I see this distinctive railroad landscape and my eyes follow the glistening silver rails as they recede into the horizon, but all too soon the tracks are enveloped by the surrounding landscape. Even though the tracks may no longer be visible, they continue on as one long unbroken line linking us geographically. But they are more than a conduit; for the rails also carry our imagination, dreams and memories. The rails have the power to bring us to a place unseen, a place we yearn to be.”
Opening reception: March 22, 6-8 pm
Artist Talk: April 3, 7-8 pm

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