The Morris Museum Presents “Natural Essence—Motion Perceived”

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I and Victory by Alexandra Limpert

“Natural Essence—Motion Perceived,” a group exhibition simulates nature with inspiring works of art and kinetic sculptures. Featured artist Alexandra Limpert’s sculpture rises out of her ideology as an artist and mechanical animator. She displays vibrant life forms as well as human figures that are life-size and larger. Alexandra’s versatility with steel allows her to create insects with moving wings, reptiles climbing the walls with clingy claws, colorful blooms and expressive human anatomy. Her sculptures Victory and I extend the boundaries of metal figures as incomplete entities, with I simulating self-awareness through technology. While monumental winged Victory oversees the exhibition, interactive sculpture I comes to life seeking eye contact with viewers.

Other Artists: The “portals” of Gianluca Bianchino offer a dynamic, new way to see and experience materiality. Sui Park plays with the subtle but continuous movement of organic forms while working with mass-produced industrial materials. Finally, Rein Triefeldt draws a more literal connection to the spirit of the Guinness Collection with works of mechanical physicality and kinetic

Exhibition Opening: Saturday, April 10th.  Natural Essence exhibition is on view on Saturdays, 11am – 5pm and Sundays, 12pm- 5pm (members only access 11am-12pm) from Saturday, April 10th through Sunday, August 15th.

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