What’s Your Story?

Join What’s Your Story? about yoga off the mat as our storytellers entertain us with tales of transformation. We’ll be raising money for Wishing Well International Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to providing clean water sources to people in the developing world. This event will also be a pot-luck so bring something to share. Storyteller’s include Founder of What’s Your Story?, Robyn Shumer and human trafficking advocate, trauma survivor and author of A Girl Raised By Wolves, Lockey Maisonneuve.

Lockey Maisonneuve will share how she survived a harrowing childhood where she was neglected, abused and sold into sex trafficking by her father. She was made to feel worthless and invisible by the very people who brought her into this world. Understanding that healing trauma is not a one-and-done, Lockey began her journey which led her to support others along their healing journey. Lockey became a certified yoga and meditation guide. She now guides yoga and meditation classes for incarcerated men, folks in drug and alcohol recovery, mental health patients and students in inner-city schools. Lockey will take you on her journey and share how she came to her mindfulness tools through her story.

About “What’s Your Story?”: “What’s Your Story?” is a storytelling initiative that resulted from a call to action from founder, Robyn Shumer. In her TEDx talk, Robyn reflected on her own personal experiences and recognized a simple truth: We can find truth and understanding through sharing our unique experiences and stories. Unfortunately, many of these stories go untold. “What’s Your Story?”is a storytelling initiative that challenges us to open up to others and generate lasting, meaningful, personal and social change. Our mission is to provide safe spaces for people to tell the stories that shape their lives. Proceeds from every event will go to non-profit organizations.

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