April 2017: Hiking & Biking

The ultimate guide to scenic trails around the Garden State. Plus, 11 family-friendly, off-road bikeways for traffic-free cruising.

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Hiking & Biking

The Ultimate NJ Hiking Guide

The Garden State is teeming with trails. We’ve picked 36 of our favorites in North, Central and South Jersey. Go on, take a hike.

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5 Days, 40 Miles Along the Appalachian Trail

Trade your everyday woes for spectacular views along the Appalachian Trail.

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Happy Trails: 13 Bike Trails To Cycle Through This Spring

Get off the road and into the woods on Jersey’s family-friendly bikeways.

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Forging a Path with New Jersey’s Trailblazers

Our reporter joins a team of hard-working volunteers as they clear the way for Jersey hikers.

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Hiking With the Tykes? Try an All-Ages Adventures

South Mountain Reservation’s 2,110 acres of Essex County woodlands offers 50 miles of hiking trails, mountain biking and more.

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Al Leiter Is Still Hitting His Spots

A competitive spirit and plenty of Jersey grit have made Al Leiter as big a success in the broadcast booth as he was on the pitcher’s mound.

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Rick Porcello Ready for His Encore

After a Cy Young season, the NJ-bred pitcher just wants to play his game.

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For John Koufos, the Road to Redemption is Long

As a high-profile attorney, John Koufos rose like a rocket, then dropped like a stone, leaving tragedy in his alcoholic wake. Now he’s back to a productive life, helping fellow ex-cons reenter society.

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By Aiding the Formerly Incarcerated, McGreevey Crafts a New Narrative

Former governor’s vision helps untangle the knotted lives of others.

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Dig He Must: New Brunswick’s Charlie Kratovil Always Has the Scoop

New Brunswick reporter Charlie Kratovil has earned a reputation for tenacity. Not everyone is pleased about the stories he breaks on his hyperlocal website.

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Garden Variety

Aljira is Energizing Newark’s Art Scene

Aljira, the center for contemporary art open since 1983, is getting a lot of new buzz.

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30 Rock Writer Tracey Wigfield is Making More News with New Series

Wayne-born Tracey Wigfield won an Emmy for her work on 30 Rock. Now she’s striking out on her own with a new series, Great News, premiering April 25.

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When Miss America Went Missing

A new book by former NJM senior editor Michael Callahan speculates on the mystery behind of the 1937 Miss America pageant.

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This Hoboken Artist is Transforming Keepsakes Into Art

Artist Michael Malizia Malizia utilizes family memorabilia to create unique mixed-media art pieces using acrylics, oil paints and beeswax.

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Eat & Drink

Venerated, Reinvigorated: The Ryland Inn

Forming a top-flight team, an accomplished chef and an astute general manager return one of the state’s most honored marquees to destination status.

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Escaping Shore Traffic: 72 Degrees

In spring and summer, traffic on Route 72 in Manahawkin backs up with cars approaching the causeway to Long Beach Island. The Italian restaurant 72 Degrees provides a respite.

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Refugees and Immigrants Find Community at Global Grace Café

Refugees escaping strife cook the foods of their homelands for appreciative diners at a restaurant run by a civic-minded church in Highland Park.

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Dashes of Distinction

The buzz on bitters.

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Alive With the Sound of Munching: The Hills in Millburn

The Hills is a new gastropub in Millburn that is proving popular with locals. Our reviewer calls the burger chuck/short rib/brisket burger “great.”

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Home & Garden

Thoroughly Modern Princeton

Facing an empty nest, two creative types overhaul a mid-century ranch to showcase their artistic sides.

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Only in New Jersey with Steve Adubato

Crime & Punishment

New Jersey abolished the death penalty in 2007. Now, two senators say it’s time to reconsider the ban.

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Style & Shopping

7 Hip Things To Make You a Trailblazer

Grab the right gear to amp up your adventures in the great outdoors.

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Get Wrapped Up in Twine At This Hopewell Shop

Big fun happens in Twine, a cozy, quirky store.

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Tip Sheet for Vegan Lacquer

Healthful alternatives for fingers and toes.

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Exit Ramp

Princeton Alumnus Remembers Passover With Einstein

At Princeton during wartime, the great man joined students in reading from the Haggadah.

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