July 2018: Top Dentists

Our 2018 list of New Jersey’s top oral-health practitioners, as chosen by their peers. Plus: Our 24 favorite spas, the state of our malls, the Asbury Park art scene, and more.

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Spectacular Spas

24 Favorite NJ Spas to Achieve Your State of Bliss

Whether you’re craving quiet indulgence or merriment and mimosas, NJ offers an array of spas to elevate your mood and improve your well-being.

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Doctor Your Look with Medical Spa Treatments

Medical spas are short on fluffy robes, but long on laser treatments and injectables that promise fast results.

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National Chains Offer Alternate Spa Options

Chains offer multiple locations, uniform environments and a consistent treatment menu.

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See by the Sea: The Asbury Park Art Scene

Asbury Park’s art community joins the city’s renaissance by animating public spaces and staging ambitious exhibitions.

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Jonathan Dinklage, Lead Violinist for Hamilton, is Not Throwing Away His Shot

While his brother achieves film and TV fame, Jonathan Dinklage thrives under the stage as lead violinist of Broadway’s Hamilton.

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Confronting Racism, Coming Together

Racist incidents remain a fact of New Jersey life. Here’s how some communities are trying to bring people together.

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Can New Jersey’s Dying Malls Be Saved?

Battered by the Internet, Jersey’s iconic shopping malls turn to yoga studios, escape rooms and wine bars to keep the customers coming.

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Have Office Parks Become Obsolete?

Abandoned office parks: New life for some, uncertain future for others.

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Awakening the Dream in the Meadowlands

The American Dream, the mall formerly known as Xanadu projects a 2019 opening.

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Tandem Biking Means You’ll Never Roam (Or Cycle) Alone

Tandem biking brings couples together for exercise, fun, adventure–and lots of snacking.

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The Jersey Utopians Aspire to be More Than Just Fantasy

Visions of communal living run smack into a wall of financial and zoning-board reality.

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A Utopia Goes Down in Flames

Author Upton Sinclair’s experiment in communal living quickly came to a suspicious ending.

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Eat & Drink

Italy by the Roots: Osteria Radici in Allentown

Digging into the regional cuisines of their ancestral land, a chef and his wife make culinary waves in a small town.

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Lucille Thompson, the Last of the Kitchen Queens

At the Chalfonte Hotel in Cape May, Lucille Thompson follows in the hallowed footsteps of her sister and mother.

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New Ways to Drink Pink

Pink had a breakout year as fashion color in 2017, and now mixologists are picking up on it in quite tempting ways.

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What’s in a Name? More than Vanilla: Vanillamore in Montclair

Risa Boyer opened Vanillamore in Montclair last September. As you might expect, desserts were a big feature of the menu. But the savory menu is anything but token.

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Can Pigs Surf: Surfing Pig in North Wildwood

Visit Surfing Pig in North Wildwood, and you will swear that owners Bill and Megan Bumbernick can get those critters to do anything, but especially to taste mighty fine in a variety of ‘cues. Yet reasons to visit include terrific crab cakes, prime rib and tropical cocktails.

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Garden Variety

These Special Olympians are Good as Gold

Gymnasts Morgan Hulteen and Rhea Alathur will compete, along with about 60 other New Jersey athletes, at the 50th Special Olympics USA Games in Seattle.

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Longport Lifeguards are a Safe Bet in AC Competition

Red Bull Surf + Rescue event takes place on July 17 in Atlantic City, and will test the mettle of area lifeguards.

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