March 2021: Best Pizza

Square pie or classic slice? That was the question bedeviling us this month as we pondered our pizza options for our March cover. Square (or more likely, rectangular) pies, with their crunchy edges, are what some pizza aficionados are buzzing about. On the other hand, what’s more iconic and tempting than the three-sided shape of a classic slice? In the end, tradition won out, and we opted for a tantalizing Margherita slice from Luna Wood Fire Tavern in Nutley. 

Inside this issue, our team (helmed by dining editor Eric Levin) sampled some of the best pizza from all over the state—savoring plain slices as well as out-of-this-world wedges topped with everything from butternut squash to cherry-pepper relish to combinations of ingredients like fennel, onions and olives. We’ve also got 12 recommendations for gluten-free pizza, input from Jersey’s top chefs on their favorite slices, and a story about the healing power of pizza making. Careful—it’s piping hot!

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