Test your shark IQ! How well do you know New Jersey’s sharks? Read all about these creatures and their lives in New Jersey here. Then, take our online quiz on shark facts. Everyone who takes the quiz through the end of Shark Week (July 18) is eligible to receive a plush shark toy (while supplies last). You must be over 18 years old to participate. Limited to one plush shark toy per household.

  1. True or False? 75% of shark species are at risk of extinction. Correct! Incorrect, please try again!

  2. What three species of sharks use coastal marshes behind New Jersey’s barrier islands for food, reproduction and protection? Correct!Incorrect, please try again!

  3. What is the primary diet of the sharks of New Jersey’s coastal marshes? Correct! Incorrect, please try again!

  4. What is The Nature Conservancy doing to help sharks in New Jersey? Correct!Incorrect, please try again!

  5. In 2016, a nursery was discovered in the New York Bight for which shark species? Correct! Incorrect, please try again!

  6. Which of these are statistically more dangerous than sharks? Correct! Incorrect, please try again!