‘The Hook’ Is Atlantic City’s Naughty, Can’t-Miss Spectacle

The sensational Vegas-style show raises the bar for fresh, over-the-top fun.

Performance at The Hook in Atlantic City

At The Hook in Atlantic City, scantily clad performers elicit gasps and laughs galore. Photo: Courtesy of Spiegelworld

If you have come to see The Hook via Superfrico—the fantabulous Italian-inspired eatery that adjoins it at Caesar’s—you’ve had a glimpse of the naughty, playful raunch the show imparts with sexy dancing lobsters, pants-less jugglers, and head-scratching magic tricks. If you’ve skipped the dining-venue warmup, sit back and relax—maybe with a cocktail; there’s a cash bar in the back of the theater—and prepare for scintillating ride.

Celebrating its second season at Caesar’s Atlantic City, the Hook—produced by entertainment theater company Spiegelworld—has the feel of an old-fashioned carnival show filled with modern-day, adults-only winks and nods.

The venue’s setting at the restored Warner Theatre, a 1929 movie house, hints at the madcap, vaudevillian presentation you’re in for, with its lush drapes and eye-catching set design (cut-outs of ocean waves; the bow of a ship smashed into the stage).

Exterior of The Hook in Atlantic City

A zany crew of performers are led by a hawker-style MC complete with a saucy sidekick, dressed in sailor whites. Much of the dramatically lit, 75-minute show is Cirque Du Soleil-style acrobatics, which are stunningly up-close and personal in the 414-seat venue. From your seats, the impressive physical prowess of the performers is magical as they spin and flip and seemingly float before your eyes.

Performance at The Hook in Atlantic City

A juggler keeps his cool. Photo: Courtesy of Spiegelworld

Be prepared for lots of scantily clad performers that mostly eschew traditional leotards for spangly, sparkly, barely-there, gender-bending outfits. There’s a reason this show is not PG; the sexual innuendos are laid on thick. While some may shy from the risqué undertones, the acts are top-notch, and their execution—on poles, on strings, and on the very swinging anchor from which the show derives its name—is worthy of the uproarious standing ovation at the end.

Tickets, available for ages 18+, are available on Spiegelworld’s website.

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