Two Talented YouTubers I Can’t Stop Watching

These crafty creatives are always churning out compelling content.

From left: Courtesy of @amberscholl and @orlyshani

I’m obsessed with watching YouTube videos late at night. Recently I’ve been inspired by two women who produce incredible how-to videos on everything from DIY fashion to home design.

Amber Scholl and Orly Shandi each have their own distinct styles but are equally fun to watch. If you’re the type who likes to get creative and crafty, give their channels a try.

Amber Scholl is the one to watch if you want to learn how to DIY pretty much anything, like $20 “marble” countertops. A few years ago she made an insanely stunning dress out of trash bags. She does everything, as she calls it, “broke girl–style,” so every video features super-affordable items that end up looking incredible.

Orly Shani, aka “The DIY Designer,” walks you through all the steps needed to recreate trendy designer items at home. Her projects have ranged from glitter-rainbow heels à la Christian Louboutin to crystal-embellished denim jackets. Her tutorials are so easy to follow—and the outcomes often look even better than the originals!

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