Summer 2023 at the Jersey Shore: The Ultimate Guide to Food, Festivals and Fun

Everything you need to have a memorable summer at the Shore

Woman surfing at Jersey Shore

Great waves are only one reason we love Long Beach Island. Photo: Ann Coen

Here at New Jersey Monthly, we love putting together our annual Shore Guide. It gives us the chance to bring the unique joys of the Jersey Shore to each and every one of you.

Here, you’ll discover everything you need to make your summer memorable. Food and drink recommendations? Check! Full day-trip itineraries? Check! A roundup of the coolest beach hotels, for those who don’t have a Shore house? Check!

Enjoy reading, and have a great summer!

Things to Do

Best Things to Do at the Shore

Our updated Shore Bucket List, filled with destinations, day trips and activities you absolutely must check out this summer.

Activities Beyond the Beach

For those days when it’s raining or you just need a little break from the beach, here are 15 fun and unique things to do at the Shore that have nothing to do with surf and sand.

What’s New This Summer

Sure, most New Jerseyans have their favorite spots at the Shore. But this summer, add these new places—from a waterpark in Atlantic City to a plethora of fresh dining options—to your list.

Where to Stay: The Coolest Shore Hotels

Because there is so much to do at the Jersey Shore, sometimes a day trip just isn’t enough. If you don’t have a home at the Shore, we’ve rounded up the best beach hot spots to soak up the sun, swim and stay over.

A Look Inside Island Waterpark at Showboat

Atlantic City’s massive new attraction pleases both parents and children, which is an accomplishment.

Shore Town Guides  

24 Hours in Asbury Park

Music, restaurants, boardwalk, beach and so much more: Here’s our guide to the coolest town at the Shore.

June 2023 cover of New Jersey Monthly

Buy our June 2023 issue here. Cover photo by Ann Coen

24 Hours in Cape May

Cape May is the final exit on the Garden State Parkway, but a visit should be first on your list. Here, we offer a guide to the best activities on and off the sand.

24 Hours in Bradley Beach

Explore this hidden gem’s quiet beaches, great restaurants and fun activities like miniature golf and beach volleyball.

24 Hours in Long Beach Island

An array of restaurants, shops and family favorites make Long Beach Island a special destination to visit this summer.

Inside Ocean Beach III, a Community of Tiny Houses

Ocean Beach III is a small seaside section of Toms River Township with a close-knit, “old-school, 1950s” feel.

What Life is Like in Ocean Grove’s Unique Tent Community

The Jersey Shore community of Ocean Grove has 114 unique tents and 23 larger cottages available to rent each summer. Here’s a peek inside this unique world.

Beach Guides

The Ultimate Jersey Shore Beach Guide

An at-a-glance guide to every town along the coast.

20 Best Beaches

From the top spots for family fun to the best boardwalk and best dining scenes, here is our definitive list of the 20 best beaches at the Jersey Shore.

Food and Dining

Best Places to Eat at the Shore

From custard to fries to seafood to fine dining, check out our ultimate guide to the best places to eat at the Shore.

Top Breakfast Spots

The morning sun is all the alarm clock you need at the Jersey Shore, but we’ve got tasty ways to satisfy the accompanying hunger pangs.

Best Restaurants in Atlantic City

Explore Atlantic City’s varied dining scene, from spots on the Boardwalk to steakhouses to top Italian spots.

Best Restaurants in Asbury Park

Over the last decade, the city by the sea’s restaurant scene has become one of the most dynamic in the state.

Best Restaurants in Cape May

Cape May is one of our favorite Shore towns, and one reason is the food, which spans from pancakes and pizza to fine dining in upscale locales.

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