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New Jersey: Then and Now

A pictorial flight through Garden State history. See our classic views of New Jerseyans at work and play.

Posted December 14, 2012

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Johnny's Diner in Somerville (1950)

Hurry Up and Wait: The Evolution of Newark Airport
Prolonged delays and extensive security check procedures haven't been the only additions to Newark Airport over the years.

Chick Magnet: Springsteen Through The Years

New Jersey's most famous native son goes from a scruffy singer/songwriter fronting bands on Jersey Shore club scene to dedicated husband and dad.

Whatever the Weather: Modernizing Emergency Relief Efforts

First responders in the state move from snowshoes and riding horseback to the most innovative modern transportation technologies.

Bound to Flood: Bound Brook's Persistent Deluge

Many things have changed in Bound Brook over the years...except for all the flooding.

New New Jerseyans: Immigration Through The Years

Gone are the days when Ellis Island was a major point of passage for many immigrants, but New Jersey's tradition of embracing diversity continues unchanged.

Get Real: Popular Entertainment Changes Radically

New Jerseyans have found plenty of new ways to keep themselves entertained since the early 20th century.

Board Work: Atlantic City's Oceanfront Upgrade

Atlantic City's boardwalk—considered the world's first—has seen significant upgrades, additions and investment.

The Case That Won't Quit: The Lindbergh Baby

For the first six weeks of 1935, the national spotlight shone on the Hunterdon County Courthouse in Flemington during the "Trial of the Century."

Getting in the Game: The Garden State Sports Scene

The Garden State's love of sports remains undiminished.

The Iceman Goeth: Technological Advancement

The state's power demands are now met with the help of some of the most innovative and efficient technologies.

Teetering on the Brink: NJ Embraces Bizarre Performers

From balancing atop sky-high flagpoles, to the outlandish antics of the Jersey Shore cast, New Jerseyans have always appreciated unusual sights and oddball characters.

Teen Angels: Ever-Changing Youth Interests

Jersey teenagers go from adoring board games and American Bandstand to iPads and Facebook.

New Outlook: Paterson's Modern Landscape

Paterson evolves from Silk City manufacturing giant to its modern iteration as a grand mix of old and new.

Stir Crazy: Campbell Soup Company

The Campbell Soup Company may no longer produce massive quantities of soup at its Camden location, but it's still a major player on the local scene.

No Bull: Jersey's No-Nonsense Politics

If there's one thing that hasn't changed much in the Garden State, it's our, umm...unique approach to politics.

The Genius State: Jersey's Considerable Brainpower

The state has long been an incubator for inventors and entrepreneurs. From Thomas Edison to the modern pharmaceutical industry, New Jersey has flexed its brain muscles.

Still Kicking: Major League Soccer's Rise

From Pele's famous game at Giants Stadium to the Red Bulls' brand new stadium, soccer has established itself on the New Jersey sports landscape.

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